22 - 27 August 2019

Media services

The information presented on this page is intended for the following Client Groups:

  • Member Media Representatives belonging to their national delegations. They include Communication Officer, Journalist, Photographer, and Videographer;
  • Media Representatives include representatives of foreign and Russian information agencies, newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio stations, internet sites, blogs, etc.

Member Media Accreditation

Member Media Accreditation started in June 2018. To obtain an accreditation badge, contact the Technical Delegates from Participating Countries. For more information on registration process visit the official WorldSkills website and click on the “Accreditation” section: https://worldskills2019.com/en/get-involved/accreditation/.

Member Media Services

Member Media Services are provided according to the purchased Service Pack designed for this category. In the presence of the accreditation badge, Member Media Representatives have an access to Media Zones of the Competition.

Media Accreditation

Media Accreditation will start in February 2019. The exact date will be announced later. Application for Media Accreditation shall be submitted till 22 July 2019. Submission procedure will include 2 stages:

1) Filling in an application form in the WSK2019 Accreditation System for gaining access to your personal account,

2) Filling in an individual entry form providing your personal data in the WSK2019 Accreditation System.

Upon successful registration in the WSK2019 Accreditation System, Media Representatives receive accreditation badges.

Media Services

Accredited Media Representatives will have an access to coffee breaks at the Media Centre, and free shuttle bus service. The Organizers will assist them with customs procedures and provide information support. 

Accredited Media Representatives will be able to book an Official Media Hotel room in the city centre. The benefit of the Media Hotel is the availability of special Media shuttle buses. They will operate every day and run between the Official Media Hotel and Kazan Expo Competition Venue during the event.

The Organizers will assist Accredited Media Representatives with hotel booking issues.

Please note that the Organizers do not cover Media Hotel accommodation expenses. 

Package programme services are not available for the Accredited Media Representatives.

Media Zones

There will be Media Zones and comfortable Media Centre at the Competition Venue.

Please check the webpage for updates.